Confinement and Assault Are Matters between a Couple? Chosun University Denounces It

Confinement and Assault Are Matters between a Couple? Chosun University Denounces It

Civic groups say, “The University must decide on a severe and legitimate punishment for the attacker”


DSC_9960In regard to the case where a medical college student who was handed down a fine of 12 million won ($10,300) after being charged for locking up and beating his girlfriend, civic groups have called on the University to punish the perpetrator.

The victim suffered from severe insomnia and anxiety disorder after being confined and beaten, and she asked her school to arrange her classes so she and her attacker would not be in the same classroom. But her requests were rejected. It turned out that the University officials said they would not intervene in “matters between a couple” until the final decision of the Supreme Court was issued.

Civic groups strongly protested: “The victim was beaten by the assailant for over four hours. How can this be regarded merely as ‘a matter between a couple’? Violence cannot be justified in any way.”

They denounced that the University considered confinement and assault a private matter and tried to avoid responsibility by relying on legal action to punish the perpetrator. They added, “The victim was extremely shocked and scared as she was continuously assaulted by her boyfriend whom she had trusted. Nevertheless, the University didn’t understand the urgency and fear she had felt at that time, and dismissed it as a mere quarrel between a couple.”

On November 30, the Gwangju District Court handed down a fine of 12 million won ($10,300 USD) for Park who was indicted on a charge of injury to his girlfriend, who is also a medical student at the same university. The Justice Department said in a statement, “Although the injury to the victim is not serious, the nature of the crime committed by the perpetrator is severe because the assault continued for more than two hours.”

On the other hand, the Justice Department officials said they considered that if he got sentenced to any penalty heavier than probation, he might face expulsion from his school. This sparked a firestorm of public criticism that the penalty was too lenient. On March 28, Park broke into Lee’s place and accused her of receiving his phone calls with no manners. Then he slapped and hit her repeatedly. The victim suffered two broken ribs and had to receive three weeks of medical treatment.

Reporter Lee Seul[]