20 members of a family lost in a massive landslide in Guatemala

20 members of a family lost in a massive landslide in Guatemala

At least 140 people dead and more than 300 missing


A massive landslide in Guatemala, South America, has left at least 140 people dead and another 300 missing.

On Thursday night, October 1 (hereinafter local time), a tragedy took place in a village called El Cambray which lies 16km (10 miles) east of Guatemala City. According to local and foreign media reports, there was heavy rain in this region the previous day, and the day when the landslide occurred, a slew of mud and debris came rushing down and engulfed the village where there were about 120 houses.

In the video footage of the landslide, released by CNN, metal roof sheets and broken walls are discovered whenever the excavator digs away mud. Only the debris of houses, which is found scattered all over the area, seems to show that it was once the site where people lived.

The survivors are anxiously waiting for their family members to be safely rescued from the landslide. Among them is a woman who, in an instant, lost twenty members of her family, including her father and seven brothers, and is in deep grief.

The rescue workers, along with the survivors, are searching for missing persons. On October 4, a government official said that 131 people were confirmed dead and more than 300 people were still missing. The death toll continues to rise as time passes by.

It turned out that the reason why the landslide caused so much damage was because the mountain is very close to the village. As it has been disclosed that the National Disaster Preparedness Committee, Guatemala, already pointed out the risk of flooding and erosion of the El Cambray and urged residents to evacuate, an investigation is expected to be conducted into the public officials who did not set up relevant evacuation plans.

Reporter Lee Seul[dew@newshankuk.com]