Over 20,000 Counts of Family Violence This Year: Double Increase, Compared with...

Over 20,000 Counts of Family Violence This Year: Double Increase, Compared with Last Year

Congressman Jo Won-jin says, “Family violence is no longer just a domestic problem.”


police001-20151124While the government is pressing on with the extermination of the four evils, family violence increases rapidly year after year, and child abuse by biological parents is increasing, too.

According to the inspection data of government offices, which Congressman Jo Won-jin who belongs to the Public Administration & Security Committee, received from the National Police Agency on the 24th, the number of family violence incidents until July, is 21,381 and the number of people involved in and arrested due to family violence has reached 24,596; among them, the number of people imprisoned is 386. This shows that over 100 family violence incidents have occurred, which is double this year, compared with 48.1 incidents a day last year.

Family violence occurred in Gyeonggi Province (the most with 7,279 counts), Seoul (3,843 counts), Incheon (1,414 counts), Gyeongnam Province (995 counts), and Gyeongbuk Province (989 counts).

The arrest status as of July this year shows that family violence has increased in all regions except Seoul and Gwangju, among 16 local governments. In particular, Daejeon marked the highest rate of violence with 89.8% (326 counts), the second was Gyeongnam Province with 82.6% (450 counts), and the next was Gyeongbuk Province with a 79.8% (439 counts) rate of increase.

In the case of child abuse as a part of family violence, from September 29, 2014 (when the Special Act for the Punishment of Child Abuse was enforced) to the end of June, 2015, there were 6,304 counts of child abuse reported to the police; about 23 counts were reported a day. By region, 1,926 counts occurred in Gyeonggi Province, 968 counts in Seoul, and 428 counts in Incheon.

As for the perpetrators of child abuse, 68.8% (758 counts) of 1,101 the people who committed the crime were the victims’ biological parents.

Congressman Jo Won-jin said, “Today, family violence is no longer just a domestic problem, but a serious crime that may snowball into school violence and social violence, because family violence can be passed down to the next generation. As much as the government aggressively promotes rooting out the four evils, it should put much effort into pursuing citizens’ happiness by strengthening public order along with an effective measure to eradicate them.”

By Lee Seul [dew@newshankuk.com]