WARNING! Drugs infiltrating our everyday lives… police, crackdown

WARNING! Drugs infiltrating our everyday lives… police, crackdown

Zero Tolerance Policy for Secondary Offenses


As drug-related crimes have infiltrated deep into our daily lives and threaten people’s health and safety, the police announced that they were going to push ahead with a special crackdown.

On August 24, the police said, “We’re going to establish a law for everyday life by deploying a intensive crackdown on drug-related crimes.” The total number of drug-related arrests the police made from January to July, 2015 was 4,364. Compared with the same period last year, number had increased 29.9% (1,005 more arrests). In particular, the number of drug-related arrests that were made while using the Internet was 610, which had increased to 82.1% (275 more arrests), compared with the same period last year (335 more arrests).

According to the police, many drug deals on the Internet were exposed and a diverse class of people were arrested. 14.1% of the criminals were teenagers or in their twenties who were good at using the Internet. The use of drugs is spreading fast among young people, including foreign students. What is worse is that drugs are infiltrating deep into our everyday lives, being distributed as sleeping pills and diet pills.

Among the incidents that occurred in the first half of this year, drug users threatened the safety of those who had nothing to do with drugs by driving at high speeds or damaging others’ properties.

Because of these factors, the police are going to crack down on drug suppliers, regular drug users, and secondary offenses while using during the crackdown period. They are going to stop drug supply by cracking down on drug suppliers who sell methamphetamine and marijuana on the Internet and strictly monitor regular drug users to decrease the demand itself. As for the secondary offenses such as reckless driving, violence and sexual violence, the zero tolerance policy will be applied to the drug users, regardless of whether they are regular users or not.

The crackdown is to be carried out from August 24 to October 31.

Reporter Lee Seul [dew@newshankuk.com]