After 12 years, a breakthrough in nuclear negotiation with Iran, to stop...

After 12 years, a breakthrough in nuclear negotiation with Iran, to stop nuclear development and to lift economic sanctions

After settlement details by the end of June, a final agreement expected. Israel in a uproar “historic mistake… bad agreement”


A night of Teheran, the capital of Iran was full of screaming and shouting in celebration; the negotiations to order Iran to halt its nuclear program and to lift economic sanctions were dramatically resolved on the second (local time hereafter). According to the Guardian [UK] which covered the view of Teheran, it is reported, “People expressed strong impression by honking car horns with the joy that their economy sanctions were lifted and they could escape from the shadow of war.”

Iran to maintain nuclear nonproliferation system, ‘the heart of the matter’

The U.S led-nuclear talks with Iran confirmed permanent members of the UN Security Council including France, Britain, China, Russia and Germany (P5+1) participated in the negotiating table. Although the endpoint of negotiation was originally due on the 31st of last month, after two days, the big picture for the negotiation agreement was suggested. The key to the negotiation was to reach an agreement on the issue that enables to actualize the maintenance of the Iranian nuclear nonproliferation system. Despite such a long and tortuous negotiation, both parties seem to be content with the results of ‘nonproliferation’ and ‘economic sanctions’

The countries directly involved [concerned with] are expected to continue negotiations over the details of the agreement resolved and to reach a final conclusion on June 30th.

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