“No water left for lawn” California for mandatory water cutbacks

“No water left for lawn” California for mandatory water cutbacks

Giving an administrative order over 25% water cuts


California State issued compulsory order to cut water as part of preparing for drought. California Governor Jerry Brown has given administrative orders to establish countermeasures to decrease existing water consumptions by 25% and to seek concrete methods for water savings. Therefore, State Department of Water Resources is to establish detailed measures including 25 percent mandatory cutbacks.

Governor Brown said that he made this decision facing the serious condition that turning California into the land of death. Specifying it as ‘historical drought’, he claimed we should take some measures that are very different from what they used to so we could minimize the effects of drought. In the past year, Brown also declared ‘a state of emergency’ related to drought.

An administrative order mentions how to minimize water consumption and also points out water should not be used in careless way. The first thing which is subject to regulation is ‘lawn’. The administrative order commanded to remove 4650000 of lawns located in California. It also regulates not to water public lawns and only a minimal amount of water should be used. Furthermore, it even restricts water faucet and toilet to be customized for drought.

Reporter Lee Seul [dew@newshankuk.com]