Medical staff struggles to access Yemen; Yemen Crisis deepens as time goes...

Medical staff struggles to access Yemen; Yemen Crisis deepens as time goes by.

All the International Airports are closed and heavy restrictions are placed on the seaports, making it difficult for the delivery of humanitarian assistance in Yemen.


The escalating tensions and conflicts between Saudi-led Coalition and Houthi rebels are spiraling out of control and the number of injured civilians is increasing.

The bombardment this morning hit the Al Mazraq Camp, located in Hajjah Governorate. At least 34 people wounded in the attack were brought by ambulance to the MSF-supported hospital in the town of Haradh. Twenty-nine people were dead on arrival, among them women and children. According to witnesses, the airstrike may have caused a larger number of woundedi”, reported Doctors without Borders (MSF) – an organization currently providing medical services in Yemen.

MSF is currently unable to deploy additional emergency medical staff to Yemen, where they are badly needed. We urgently need to find ways to get humanitarian relief and personnel inside the country. We must provide support to our field teams who are exhausted and overloaded. Even reaching the areas of greatest need within Yemen is difficult, as domestic flights have been cancelled and movements inside the country are risky”, Dr. Greg Elder, MSF Director of Operations, appealed.

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